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Initiatives and Strategies

ARC Chamber has identified many effective programs for research and development, technology transfer and commercialization, business incubators, and other startup activities. These programs can easily be expanded, accelerated, and integrated to provide a comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem to move ideas to successful businesses in a rapid, high-impact manner.

A critical element of this strategy is to expand access to capital for startup and growing businesses as well as nonprofits, with emphasis on angel, and seed capital.


Aquaponics Intelligent System

Main goal of the project:

• Vegetable waste utilization as raw material

• Ecosystem-based design concepts

• Design high-level diversification

• Complete integrating different systems

• Use renewable energy sources in vegetable production

• Develop automated vertical system making the multi-level production more efficient, economical and sustainable.

The generated waste by the cultivation of vegetable can be composted and can be used for animal feed-stock. The cost of the plant production in the multilevel-aquaponics system is approximately 20% or less than produce in a traditional greenhouse!

Green homes Initiative - info to come

Multi-Green homes 1
Multi-Green homes 2
Multi-Green homes 3
All weather homes_edited.jpg

Agricultural Indoor Systems

AIS pic 1.jpeg
AIS pic 2.jpeg

Technology to create the best and highest-yielding indoor environments for high-density decentralized cultivation. All structures are engineered for easy operation, maximum efficiency, and low operational cost. Structures can be used to build controlled environments for agriculture, food processing environments, perishable goods storage environments, high-tunnel Greenhouses, storage facilities, and much more. Grow high-quality, organic, fresh produce with unique flavors and unmatched taste closer to its final destination in any environment in the world, regardless of land, climate, or time of the year. Our integrative and proactive approach coordinates the interaction of specific components combined into an optimum, healthy, and nourishing ecosystem for plant growth that is efficient, reliable, and easy to manage.

Economic Development


• Many organizations, many plans.

• Emphasis on individual businesses or industries and general occupational training needs.

• Orientation toward individual cities and counties.

• Traditional emphasis on local and regional markets.

• Focus on incentives and specific projects.

• Focus on traditional industries such as agriculture, tourism, and real estate; lack of diversified industries.


• Create regional partnerships aligned around a common vision and planning framework.

• Develop world-class talent and innovation clusters.

• Collaborate to develop strong regions and mega-regions.

• Shift toward global markets.

• Emphasize foundations of a competitive economy.

• Build portfolio of strong talent and innovation clusters.

Circular Economy



The Emerald Island Project is a plan to transform Puerto Rico from destruction to a model for the world to follow as the first nation to be totally energy efficient. A great opportunity to maximize renewable energy avenues exists in the country.

Our project encompasses most of the resources available at Puerto Rico’s demand. Our intent is to sculpt the landscape with energy farms that includes solar, geothermal, wind and wave; all of which are available in evergreen quantities.

The message is clear that renewable energy is the way to go for Puerto Rico’s future and that it dovetails the world’s concerns regarding climate change while enhancing their energy security.

Opportunities for scaling up are there given Puerto Rico’s supply of renewable energy streams that will make the first totally green and zero carbon country in the world and also food self-sufficient by building fish and vertical farms.

The Emerald Island Project is designed to transform and return Puerto Rico to its past preeminence as crown jewel of the Caribbean; a complete metamorphous of the Puerto Rico's landscape that will creating many permanent jobs and upon its completion, Puerto Rico will be the template for other islands.

Island rail and Personal Rapid Transport

Emerald Island Mover.png

Light-rail lines can be built in four segments. The first segment can be a line between downtown San Juan and the airport serving the harbor area; connecting to regional express buses and local terminals. This can be accomplished primarily on aerial structures.

The second segments can be built to connect downtown San Juan and Bayamon, Carolina, Caguas, and Guaynabo. 

The other segments of the light-rail can begin after metro line is already under construction.


Agriculture to Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture is also known as "aqua farming" which relates to the farming of fish and other aquatic organisms; where intervention into the natural growing process enhances production. In recent years, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture organization, aquaculture has grown three times faster compared to land-based animal agriculture.


Fish farming is commercial raising of fish in enclosures of tanks for human consumption.  Different types of farms utilize various agricultural methods.    

Cage system

Classic fry farming

Composite fish culture

Irrigation ditch or pond system

Integrated recycling system

ICU Dome.png


A “LEED Platinum city within a city and blueprint for future major developments in metropolitan areas that was developed over several years using the Management team’s combined vision and knowledge of engineering, construction and operations. It is sustainable, self-sufficient, and a place to live, work, shop, and entertain. This is a next-gen concept of living only a few steps away from the office, trade shows, great shopping, 4 and 5-star hotels, world class restaurants, entertainment, sports, an indoor VR amusement park and much more. It is luxury and convenience living with more quality time, while improving the environment, and saving in transportation costs.

The financing is through private stock offering and does not require pre-sales or pre-leasing. Construction will be by one of the world’s top construction companies and with provided corporate completion guarantee; and the Owner’s Representative is a major publicly traded general contractor. The Structural Engineers and the Mechanical Engineers are firms recognized worldwide among the best. A major developer will be in charge of the oversight of the entire venture.

Image by shawnanggg

ARC for Eden Program

Based in South FL, partner Victory Aquafarms is providing the education and accreditation for this certification program. Courses are expected to begin in December 2024 but it's possible sooner. 

This will be an advanced program focused on management of aquaponic systems and associated technology.

Because of the effort to have all projects be carbon negative, there will also be bamboo grown. Click more info to learn about the many benefits. 

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