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ARC Chamber and Integrity Credit Union!

Welcome to Augmented Reality Community Chamber where we advertise technology for web3-5 and currency for bartering Org-to-Org including from Chamber to Chamber!

Our mission is to provide the tools to build communities and bring the world closer together using web4 technology. To help advance this mission, the advice provided comes from actual experience from the best of the best!

ARC Chamber has launched ChambersThrive to help Chambers across the United States to access the resources, services and capital necessary to help their respective communities.

Stronger ties make for better communities, and ARC Chamber is utilizing RouGee technology as we believe our services are most useful when people are connected to people, groups, organizations, and others they care about; and our network is here to help connect you across all products!


Have a look around this site and contact us if you have any questions! 

Leaf Pattern Design

There are three things you want when developing a site and app:

  1. High Quality

  2. Low Price

  3. Done Fast

Get the comprehensive web site development services you need from the company that operates on the principle of exceeding your expectations. You can depend on us to:

• Get it done up to 75% faster than other developers.
• Save time and money.
• Get responsive support when you have concerns or questions.
• Get your custom software application done right the first time.

Contact us to participate in our 600 acre multi-cultural Reggae, Jazz & Country festival in CA on Red Skelton Ranch!

Our music adventure through time!  Read more to get participation information!

Learn about our ChambersThrive initiative!

Listed Chambers
Available in select cities including Rocklin and Roseville, CA; and St. Augustine, FL
Call us to create another stream of income for your Chamber! Limited per city

We're revolutionizing local marketing by creating a unique program that noone else in the world is doing. In addition to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, we're using targeted banner ads, and creating streaming TV channels on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku and more! 


Our program is exclusive, as we only allow 3-5 businesses of each niche to be in the directory. Therefore this offer is time sensitive.  Not only does our program drive participation, but we increase their user experience and you see your ROI in real-time with our digital tracking technology.


We're seeing ROI's that exceed 1000%, and can unlock the potential of your Chamber. Wouldn't you like to continue being top of mind in the entire community for an affordable rate you can't get anywhere else?

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