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Architectual Dome

Integrity Credit Union is creating green projects and raising capital to build. Founder Brianna Pacheco believes in creating a sustainable future while maximizing opportunities for financial growth. Currently, there's an opportunity to participate in this unique venture available to accredited investors and specific organizations that qualify. 

The flagship offering is the creation of carbon-neutral credits through revolutionary LEED Platinum Monolithic Dome projects that utilizes state-of-the-art technology. This cutting-edge architectural approach combines luxury and sustainability, resulting in a highly desirable carbon credit production facility. These carbon-neutral projects not only reduce carbon emissions but also serve as a testament to our commitment to environmental integrity. The focus is selling carbon credits created through developing carbon negative projects as part of our shared mission to counter climate change; and as the demand for carbon credits continues to rise, we are confident that our unique approach and high-quality carbon credit facilities will provide investors with a lucrative opportunity.

The location proposed for ARC Cyber City is outside Los Angeles, CA. and will be a blueprint for future major developments in metropolitan areas. This will be an extremely profitable business venture with an estimated annual NOI of $1.8 Billion and $16.0 Billion in Stockholders’ equity. Our innovative business plan is based on clustering components with synergy to attract visitors, producing a large and diversified income stream creating financial stability, economic impact, and protects against the normal periodic real estate market fluctuations. ARC Cyber City, becomes immediately an International Icon and a worldwide tourist destination that transcends the local economic constraints and provides a preferred and desired address for businesses and residents. The economic impact in California will be remarkable, especially with the existing economic conditions of the State. 

The commercial areas, the VR amusement centers, etc., is an economic engine for the area, projecting to create 40,000 new construction jobs, at least 20,000 new permanent jobs and injecting approximately $1 Billion annually into the local economy. In addition, it will provide great entertainment and educational opportunities for California for millions of tourists and residents. It may be hard to believe that all of that can be accomplished, but our Nation is about innovative ideas and execution!

Join us on our mission to reshape the future of carbon neutrality. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in our planet's health while generating financial growth. Reach out to us today to explore this investment opportunity.

Invest in integrity. Invest in our future.

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