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ARC3 is a patented physics engine powered visual browser website design system and operating system. The software is composed of a physics engine created with C++, and blueprinting techniques used to create an online web development platform. The physics engine acts as a base system on the computer that greatly enhances the features of a contemporary html, or java website. This system allows us to create more tools within a 3d metaverse, that is simple to use, and solves the 2d traditional website only problem in the internet. The invention has a wide variety of functions that allow 3d objects to be placed inside of the metaverse; customizing the site with a plethora of features including, color, material, images, and shape. This metaverse can be formed by one of our many presets and you can easily add to it, or you can create your metaverse from scratch thanks to the ARC3 Software.

We provide the foundation for the new internet, but we are not the owners of that new internet, you are!

Your metaverse can contain multiple screens (windows, doors, or planets!). You have total control of what you see, of how many apps you open and visualize at the same time, stream a prerecorded concert on one of the old fashioned 2D platforms, or you can dive into fully immersive entertainment spaces!

Each one of you adds to and contributes to its creation. 3rd party apps are welcome, so dive in and join!
We have a no data collection, no spying, no censorship policy.
Nevertheless, criminal actions will not be tolerated.

- Browse through photorealistic visuals in 3D with Virtual / Augmented Reality technology
- Create your own Metaverse with our software
- Connect to your friends and their shared metaverses
- Discover new games and entertainment possibilities like never experienced before 

Is the ARC3 Internet available now?
Yes: A working Alpha version is available to investors.  

Check out for more information!!

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